Children can be tough clients, but their brief here was clear – a “proper garden” at the heart of the space, leafy green with lots of with texture and flowers. Cobbles. Moving water.  A place to grow vegetables. And quiet spaces, in which the rougher games of playtime could be avoided.

Several independent but linked spaces were created in this new garden, allowing groups of children and teachers to use it in many different ways.  There are decks where larger groups can gather, walk-through borders where small groups can sit together, a rill parallel to the path where everyone can enjoy the water tumbling through cobbles, and an area of raised beds set aside to grow vegetables each year.

The main borders are planted with a selection of Mediterranean and other drought-tolerant plants.  The paving is Bradstone Chelsea Cobble to carry the ‘cobble concept’ of the brief into the heart of the garden.  The decking is replica decking by Millboard which has better slip resistance than timber, dries more quickly  and should facilitate greater use of these areas throughout the year.