VERT, a Kings Cross Community Project aimed at greening this gritty part of Kings Cross, remained on the wish list for many years, until Neil Ayling was appointed  by the KCCP trust to produce a design for the blank facade of Battlebridge Court.  He came up with the "fragmented horseshoe" - hard edged with a soft centre - which now stands proudly overlooking Battlebridge Court on  Wharfdale Road.

Neil and KCCP were supported by a cast of local construction professionals,  to help transform Neil's idea into a a gravity defying, plant supporting scuplture.   Several cubic metres of soil and a palette of desert plants to tolerate fluctuations in climate completed the composition.

Blue agave holds its own against the massive steel plate and a a mix of Mediterannean /near natives provides variety and interest throughout the year.  Subtle changes will occur seasonally and yearly as the plants jostle for space.  Water demand is relatively low and  essential maintenance  minimal.

Supporting cast:

BAM - construction,  Benson-Sedgwick - fabrication,  Clarke Associates - soft landscaping,  Conisbee - structural engineering,  EC Harris - project management,  Micro Piling Group - foundations